House white nordic style

With an area of ​​35m2, smart interiors, Nordic style, offers a liberal space, utilities for your small apartment. Apartments are designed in Scandinavian style one bedroom with hallway, kitchen and bathroom....

Construction restaurants of zero

Zero Restaurant is one of the project in late 2011 of AnphatHouse. Restaurants are works of architectural design guidelines for lean, pretty small space, bringing warm air, warm to visitors. Zero Restaurant is expected to launch customers at home and abroad on the occasion of New Year Nham Thin 2012.

Restaurant trois gourmands

And behind the willow dome and one port barriers, Restaurant Trois Gourmands lyrical and romantic. With the angle of the picture pretty, let's AnphatHouse discovers the charms of a French space discreetly and this poetic offline.

Construction of Nguyen Thi Thanh street

Being introduced by her coursin , ms Thanh has relize her idea about a big house. Ms thanh was really satisfied to show all her hope about her feature house from house from furniture to exterior . to now she with member of Anfat at house has finished the plan home together.

Construction Thao Dien villa ruby

Comply with the general rules of the new urban villa Ruby promises differences. Advice and architectural designs by the Winter Group, AnphatHouse construction, modern Ruby Vila in materials, streamlining maximum color and contours, color timber compromise between the white and colors nearly all the gray space. Ruby Vila is a simple spirit, a gentle call for daughter - La Bui Hong Ngoc.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Discover bedroom Vietnam supermodel

Once a year, the global Miss Vietnam 2011 will change the design and color tone that her living space in the house in Ho Chi Minh City
Ngoc Trinh room full of purple. According to her, this gentle color to help her sleep and look better every time you go out back in the room.
 The seat cushion is set right in her little room for easy living, do not disturb everyone in the family.

 Scientific wardrobe sorted and tidy.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Vertical Gardens for narrow space

There are vertical green wall designs in the house or outside, but the idea of this design is quite nice and compact for tight spaces.
When designing buildings, architects today tend to green architecture, green parts tectonics in harmony with the house, create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for people living in the household.So, the green wall is now not only in the large space and large-scale design that the architects had to adjust and find design ideas "garden" pretty small for families with modest area.

If the function of the vertical garden mainly to reduce the temperature of the solar radiation in the environment cleaner, lovely small garden to the narrow air purification effect and brings gentle beauty, the green of nature to every corner of your house.

With just a small space, a wall of the balcony, a small corner of the yard, a pretty little wall in the living room ...all evoke interesting inspiration for architects to create a unique green space and interesting.

There are many ways to create a vertical garden, you can use brick or wooden floor tiles on the wall as a place to hang flower pots her baby pretty pretty. The garden is composed of many flower pots, so you can choose many different kinds of flowers to add more variety and richness to the garden.

Six great way to extend the little room

Only spend little time, effort and the way to lay out furniture suitably, your room will become more widely than area.
Take advantage of maximum natural light
The space is a modest area, which often makes people feel suffocated, So the first thing you need to do is to make the most of the natural light to bring an airy space for small rooms.

The best you can do is to build the large glass windows. Large windows will keep rooms bright and spacious. Especially to be less monotonous, you can put the moderate trees or small decorative and beautiful objects  near the window.

Using the big mirrors
An indispensable solution for small spaces is to place the large mirrors. For the living room, too, a large mirror to help doubles the space.

However, when choosing mirrors you need to pay attention to the size, design and location which should be consistent with the overall space.

Choosing moderate sofa 
Everyone likes to have a spacious sofa but depending on the area and individual needs, you should choose a suitable size sofa. Also you can select the single sofa or take advantage of the walls into the sofa. This will help you save quite a bit narrow for the living room area.
Using simple color curtains
For room with a narrow area, you should not choose the so colorful curtain with many patterns. Therefor  the curtain will form the walls which makes  the space even more cramped. In contrast, only choosing  the simple curtain with neutral colors will make the space clean, spacious.

Decorate simply
When embarking on decorating for narrow rooms you should choose a few frames or a few  small pillow,which is enough to light up the whole space.

Besides  you can put a few small vases to make  the living room more beautiful.

Create straight lines near the ceiling
Room space will last longer when you create a straight line near the ceiling. For the living room, this  should be combined with the single sofa instead of the long one.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The House Million dollars of artist Le Thiet Cuong

The artist the original Hanoi is famous as the owner of a beautiful space in the golden land capital.
Living space which reflects the culture, beauty and lifestyle of the owner, and this is especially true with homes that Le Thiet Cuong own. The house is situated on an ancient street, just a few steps from the Cathedral.

Difficult to value the house has beautiful architecture in this golden land, but in the world see each other at least it will be worth 10 million U.S. dollars (about 200 billion). The entire first floor of the house is dedicated to paintings by Le Thiet Cuong and wood items, pottery stock he owns. A couch inlaid boys do precious wood Trac is selected from the 19th century presented in the best location, adjacent to the wooden cabinet combines details from the bones very nicely.

The ceramic vase beautiful brown Tran - neatly on a wall shelf for viewers to see. This space is like a charming work placement. I climbed the stone silently through the door into the courtyard, visitors are immersed in a different space, full of nostalgia and also delicate installation artist intended.

Wooden chairs are made ​​in the style of the Ming

Rock grains of rice

House white Nordic style

With an area of ​​35m2, smart interiors, Nordic style, offers a liberal space, utilities for your small apartment.
Apartments are designed in Scandinavian style one bedroom with hallway, kitchen and bathroom.
With an area of 35m ² apartment, the selection of furniture is the top concern. Bathroom Furniture, dining room, bedroom minimalist design and very rustic. To the room feel large and airy, the designer chose white gram mainstream, dotted the natural color of wood. Brown color and the detail simple incredibly effective as a bird cage by the window, rustic wood picture frames, beautiful vase