House white nordic style

With an area of ​​35m2, smart interiors, Nordic style, offers a liberal space, utilities for your small apartment. Apartments are designed in Scandinavian style one bedroom with hallway, kitchen and bathroom....

Construction restaurants of zero

Zero Restaurant is one of the project in late 2011 of AnphatHouse. Restaurants are works of architectural design guidelines for lean, pretty small space, bringing warm air, warm to visitors. Zero Restaurant is expected to launch customers at home and abroad on the occasion of New Year Nham Thin 2012.

Restaurant trois gourmands

And behind the willow dome and one port barriers, Restaurant Trois Gourmands lyrical and romantic. With the angle of the picture pretty, let's AnphatHouse discovers the charms of a French space discreetly and this poetic offline.

Construction of Nguyen Thi Thanh street

Being introduced by her coursin , ms Thanh has relize her idea about a big house. Ms thanh was really satisfied to show all her hope about her feature house from house from furniture to exterior . to now she with member of Anfat at house has finished the plan home together.

Construction Thao Dien villa ruby

Comply with the general rules of the new urban villa Ruby promises differences. Advice and architectural designs by the Winter Group, AnphatHouse construction, modern Ruby Vila in materials, streamlining maximum color and contours, color timber compromise between the white and colors nearly all the gray space. Ruby Vila is a simple spirit, a gentle call for daughter - La Bui Hong Ngoc.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Halong villas

Please introduce architectural design plans villa family Yen Ha Long is in the process of seeking.
Will be constructed in 2012.
Halong villas
Day 19-9-2011, officially released plans for investors to consider.
This is the plan with classic Tuscan architecture style. The garden is arranged with cote = 1.5m above the sidewalk, help improve the panoramic view of the ...

Villa City

This is designed villa outside the city

With the space and design right next to the road so the front is particularly important
The following is a design with bright colors and classic little
Viewed from above
The front

The front

The front








Living Room

dining Room

Room movies

Room movies

Cute little nest of a family

Home for newly married couples !
With a surface area of not demanding, this is a pretty nice design and fit
- Ask the customer: Small but beautiful
+ Front of house

Front of house
+ Lovely porch and green
Lovely porch and green
+ Top-down view from space
Top-down view from space

The side of the house with sunny windows welcome

+ The ground floor

Monday, September 24, 2012

classical architecture in Vietnam

Classical architecture in Vietnam

This architectural style is very popular in is considered as a symbol of this country
This design is only for the noble family
European style